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If you are like me, you are over 36 years old and it feels like your body is falling apart. You are in constant pain and you cannot enjoy the activities you used to do when you were in your twenties.


I started to notice this when I was about 36 years old. All of the damage I did to my body in the first half of my life was catching up to me. All the damage caused by all the donuts, pizza, hamburgers, steak, ice cream, chicken wings that I ate.

It was also getting to be expensive to buy lunch at a fast-food restaurant every single day. Drinking Coke or Mountain Dew for a caffeine boost. Eating Doritos or donuts as a snack. I would spend over $8 per day on unhealthy food. That did not include the weekend.

My cooking skills consist of pouring milk into a bowl of cereal and putting food in the microwave, so it was easy to spend over $200 per month on junk food.


Later I thought it was smarter to buy a SUPER Big Gulp with a LARGE bag of Doritos to save money because it cost less per ounce without realizing the damage I was doing to my health.

When you get older, it is not easy to lose weight especially if you have a bad diet.

Lucky Day - Life Changing Event

One day I got very lucky. In October 2015, I met Kevin at a Real Estate Conference in Chicago. Kevin was a top real estate investor from Missouri. In July 2017, I met Kevin again at a different Real Estate conference in Las Vegas. He was a lot skinnier. He lost over 100 pounds without any diet or exercise. His diet was worse than mine with all the barbecue restaurants in Missouri. Of course, I had to ask what his secret was.


I did the exact thing Kevin did. I lost a few pounds, but the important thing was that I did not gain any of the weight back even though I was eating the same junk food.


I did notice something. I was eating all my favorite foods, but less of it. I was not hungry as much.


Kevin’s secret was Emulin. The best way to describe Emulin is as a carbohydrate manager. It promotes the immunity system and manages carbohydrates from all the bread, donuts, ice cream, Doritos I was eating.

The Best Part Is...

This is not even the best part of Emulin. Because of Emulin, I rarely get sick and If I do get sick, I recover faster by taking extra Emulin.

Emulin also helps me to recover from injuries faster. Like most people, I did not do any physical activity in 2020. You could say 2020 was a bad year for most people.


When I returned to playing softball in 2021, I had pulled the hamstrings on both my legs. Instead of being out of action for the usual 6-8 weeks, I was able to return in less than half the time. All I did was take extra Emulin.


My only wish I knew about Emulin in 2016 when I tore my bicep that caused me to miss over 8 months of softball.


I am very grateful that Kevin introduced me to Emulin. Because of Emulin I can compete with people who are much younger, sometimes even with people half my age.


Most importantly, Emulin saves me money because I no longer have the cravings for unhealthy food. It has help me with my addiction to Coca-Cola.

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

This is my story with Emulin, but others have had even more positive results, especially my friend from Australia, Jackie Boyle. I cannot think of anyone who overcame so many issues with her health. Because of Emulin, she has been able to significantly reduce the amount of medication she takes. You must see her testimonial.


Full Disclaimer, Emulin does not cure or treat any disease. All I can tell you is that Emulin has made a big difference in my life making the second half of my life better than the first half. Even if you are not 36 years old yet, you should take Emulin, so you do not experience the same health problems I did. Everyone should be taking Emulin. You should not wait until you have a serious health problem.


Start taking Emulin today!

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